At Corvallis Country Club, we offer a variety of affordable golf and social memberships to meet your needs.  Whether you are looking for a place to relax and spend time with your family and friends, or a place to entertain business associates we can accommodate your interests.  Membership at Corvallis Country Club gives you access to all of the Club’s amenities and services, as well as the option of joining the Platinum Club and National Golf Club Membership – extending your privileges to golf courses throughout the country.

Interested in Membership?

Send us your info and learn what it means to be a Member at the Club!

Or Call (541) 752-3471
to learn more or schedule a tour!

Or Call (541) 752-3471
to learn more or schedule a tour!


Membership Opportunities

Full Golf Membership

Members and their families enjoy full club privileges including:

  • Full access to the 18-hole championship golf course and tennis facilities.
  • A full calendar of golf and social events.
  • The opportunity to enroll in The Platinum Club.
  • This is a non-transferable membership
Junior Executive Membership

Members (available to members under age 35) and their families enjoy club privileges including:

  • Full access to our 18-hole championship golf course, practice facility and clubhouse.
  • A discounted membership initiation deposit as well as monthly dues until the primary member reaches the age of 35.
  • A full calendar of golf and social events.
  • Upon reaching age 35, Junior Executive Members may upgrade to a Full Golf Membership by paying difference in the membership deposit and paying the Full Golf dues rate.
Associate Golf Membership

Associate Golf Members enjoy:

  • Full access to the clubhouse, tennis and swimming facilities
  • Golf privileges Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
  • A full calendar of social events
Social Membership
  • Complete access to the clubhouse, dining room and all social events.
  • This is a non-transferable membership.

The National Golf Club

This exclusive program gives members access to 150+ exceptional golf courses nationwide.

Membership Benefits

Member Advantage Plan:

Extend the privileges of your membership with our exclusive Member Advantage Plan.

  • Leave a Legacy:

    Share the privilege of membership with selected family members.

  • Transfer Your Membership:

    Transfer your membership deposit to clubs in our nationwide network if you move.

  • Complimentary Clinics:

    Access complimentary golf clinics for Members of all ages and abilities.

  • Merchandise Discounts:

    Purchase Pro shop merchandise at significantly reduced pricing.

  • Special Event Pricing:

    Get special pricing on food and beverage selections; plus no room rental fees.