Dear Club Members:

I’m writing to give you an update on the building and grounds renovations. In mid-March, Joe and I met with our team for a brainstorming session on concepts and ideas. Our team consists of Project Manager Walt Gamble, Architect Bill Ryals, a team from PLACE (a Portland Landscape Architect firm), Interior Designer Don Manfred, and a representative from Gerding Construction. This was a very productive meeting and we came up with many good ideas and opportunities. At this time, we are waiting on preliminary drawings from both the building architect and the landscape architects. Once we have the preliminary drawings, we will meet again and finalize what we’re going to do. At that point, the two architects will work on final plans and drawings and we will start working on getting any necessary permits from the City. We’ll make these drawings available to you as soon as they are finalized.

At our first meeting the group also settled on exterior paint colors. The body of the building will be a shade of gray similar to the gray we see on some of the bark on the trees on the grounds. We will also use chocolate brown and cedar colors for the trim and we’ll use black for an accent color. The exterior colors will flow nicely with the colors and themes we plan on using inside the Clubhouse. Since the exterior repair and paint projects do not require any city permits, we will start on that work as soon as the weather breaks and we can get an extended period without rain. For efficiency sake (and some cosmetic consistency) we will also repair and paint the locker room building while we’re here working on the Clubhouse.

Finally, the pool has been in disrepair for several years and we have both safety and cosmetic issues that need attention. We are planning on repairing the pool as soon as we can, and we plan on having the repairs done in time to open in late June as we usually do.

With respect to timeframes for the various phases of the project, permitting requirements, weather, and logistics will dictate how quickly we can get things done. I will keep you informed from time to time as we make our way through the renovation process.

General Manager 
Corvallis Club 

Our members enjoy the complete country club life. The golf course is beautiful, challenging, and playable year-round.