At the Corvallis Club, our residents enjoy an active and enriching social life, which makes for a fun and lively atmosphere on the golf course, out by the pool, or in the restaurant. With a thoughtfully the crafted social calendar we provide our members with opportunities to engage in a collection of clubs, or activities. Including Happy Hour Monthly, Wine Tasting, Bridge, Music, Friday’s Evenings, and Couples Golf.
The Corvallis Club is a place to escape from the stresses of everyday life, connect with family and friends, forge lasting friendships, and create indelible memories. The perfect life balance.



Amanda is originally a Texas native who moved to the Corvallis area 5 years ago. She joined the Corvallis Club in June and is in charge of the membership department and concierge. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree in Sociology at southern New Hampshire university.